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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We are here to facilitate your company's IT, ask your questions about our services or get in touch with us, it will be a pleasure to serve you.

 01  What is IT outsourcing?

The IT outsourcing service means to outsource system management and control related to technology information. In companies that work with a big communicating flow, is common the use fo this service, since it often there's no capable profession for this kind of role. Instead of building an IT center, companies preffer to hire and IT management service with capable professionals, which guarantee a better use and performance in this kind of service.




 02  With IT outsourcing solution you need skilled labor?


​No. IT Outsourcing solution was developed in order to eliminate this kind of labor of the corporate sector working teams. Using this service, all your company's IT system management and maintenance are made by a third party, eliminating with this kind of more technical professional.


 03  What's the main advantages of IT outsourcing?

There are a lot of advantages for the corporate sector when using IT outsourcing services. The main one is the warranty in a correct system management, allowing more efficiency, security and operational continuity, when is performed by a specially trained and qualified staff to perform this type of service. This service also allows faster and more efficient repairs, since it uses all service provider's infraestructure. For the corporate sector, outsourcing is extremely beneficial, because it reduces expenses with specialized sectors with tottaly different services offered by the company, in addition to making IT costs more predictable and schedulable, allowing a best investment.




 04  Inside the business market, are there specific sectors that can implement this kind of service, or any company has this potential?

In a flexible computing models consolidation scenario, big data and mobile technology, more and more companies leave the strategic IT area under the responsibility of outsourcing companies. They provide system with high disponibility to the corporate users: from large-scale printing documents to office machines maintenance, from system integration and implantation to applications management. Different business routine driven by IT outsourcing advance are numerous, that is, it does not restrict the company's segment, large or small, there is always potencial to use this services. 



 05  What's Cloud Outsourcing?

Is a system focused on innovation, Cloud is one of the outsourcing solutions, it puts end computers availabe to corporations with determining ease of hiring demand (the company only pays for whats it uses), which facilitates strategic agility.



 06  What are the other solutions Outsourcing can bring to companies?
Even though cloud computing is the best known face of outsourcing, the solution's list is long and covers basic infraestructure, managed services, help desk, service desk, security, systems integration consultancy and apps development, among others as well.




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