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Outsourcing and
Networking Management





In a flexible computing models consolidation scenario, Big Data and mobile technologies, more and more companies are chosing to have their IT area in outsourcing companies. Which is happening because outsourcing the IT area can be very advantageous strategically, because, in that way the operational costs are reduced, and at the same time it garuantees in efficient management, made by highly qualified professionals.

ACENSCO's bitPlatz provides IT outsourcing using high availability systems to corporate users: from large-scale printing documents to office machines maintenance, from system integration and implantation to applications management.


The routines of different business are numerous and our technology solutions are customizable to your company's need. The IT's flexibility optmize the investments in technology and it helps increase produtivity, improving processes and reducing waste. But bitPlatz's main advantage is to get rid off your company's IT operacional complexity, enabling the concentration of your resources in your own business. 

Our job is to simplify your company's IT

IT Customer Service Quality


Unforeseen situations - like connection fail with your intenet service provider, breakdown in some critical component of a server, problems with cabling or anything with other natura - happens and hinder companies' work flow.


Because of that, we develop contracts in which we use a big amount of our time for proactive and corrective actions, following every need your company needs. 


Through a flexible contractual model and based in real data about your IT needs, we maintain the infraestrucutre in full operation, with eletronic and present support, anwser deadlines and solutions defined togheter with your company.

Network Management


We coordinate, control and monitore the use of material resources (as modens, roters, etc.) and/or logic (protocols), fisically distributed in the network; securing trust, acceptable response times and secured informations to attend your company's needs.


Through management software and well defined processes, we maintain servers and work stations with automatic upgrades in it's operacional system and others programs, beside executing periodic routines such as: capacity analysis, anti-virus updates, verification and removal of spywares and other vulnerabilities which compromise computer proper functioning. 


The system maintains the record of the server or network's events aswell. In that way, all events that could cause system failure are identified, analysed and treated in a proactive way, with the objective of avoiding indisponibility or others critical problems.


Between the services's main funcionalities, the following stand out:


  • Network traffic display, ranking by various criteria.

  • Traffic statistics display.

  • Identifies the computer user's identity.

  • Identifies the host's operacional's system

  • Shows IP traffic's distribution between various protocols.

  • Analyses IP's traffic and ranks them according to the origin or destination.

  • Use report by IP, classified by protocol type.


The main benefits in this service are:


  • Continuous monitoring (24/7)

  • Updates installed remotely, escorted by certified professionals

  • Automatic corrections for common problems

  • Improvement in the systems' general disponibilities


                           Contact us about our specialized services


  • Hosting (remote execution) of enterprise applications (cloud)
  • Domain and users management
  • Single authentication for all your apps and services
  • Document control and management
  • Mobile devices management (notebooks and smartphones)
  • Services and servers proactive monitoring
  • Local (on-premises) and remote (cloud) backup
  • Desktops and servers automized installation
  • Physical and virtual enviroment management



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